Property Overview


 The subject property, Coquitlam Square comprises of one(1) legal lot,

Lot 148 and has 2 civic addresses 2918 & 2922 Glen Drive Coquitlam. The property is improved with two commercial buildings consisting of 37,500 square feet of leasable area with 28 retail/office tenancies. The property is well located within the Coquitlam City Centre Area which is the most established and densified area in Coquitlam.


The existing Official Community Plan (OCP) designates the land as General commercial, C-2 a zone designated to accommodate shopping centres and lower densities. The Land Use Designation adopted on November 16, 2020 and amended in Sept 26, 2022 accommodates higher mixed use densities due to the announced and recent Evergreen line expansions and rapid transit stations.

Given the subject property is designated within the City Centre Commercial zone it is envisioned that the property will benefit from this up zoning to a minimum C-7 zoning designation.   Coquitlam City Centre Area


Lot 148 is square in dimension and comprises of one (1) city block with approximately 282 ft frontage along Glen Drive and 253 ft fronting along Pacific Street. The property has a total land base of approximately 1.82 acres or 79,245 Square Feet.

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